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Marikomerc d.o.o. is a family enterprise founded in 1990. We specialize in trade, distribution, processing and packaging of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. In addition to our own retail network we also supply restaurants, hotels, caterers, shopping malls, fish markets and other retailers.

We have acquired a new manufacturing and warehousing facility in a business zone Grabi in Poličnik measuring 2200 square meters with 6000 cubic meters of cooling space, and we are now able to expand our product range and improve the quality of service to a higher level.


Currently the trade and distribution of frozen fish is our primary activity. Our frozen fish is imported from all over the world and we have a very wide range of products. Should you be interested in a product that we do not have in our current offer, just let us know and we will do all we can to get it for you.

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